Desk calendar Draci 2023

This desk calendar is double-sided with dimensions of 36 × 14 cm, professionally printed on 160g/m² paper and has a 2-week template. It is only available in Czech language.

Orders desk calendar Draci 2023 are available here.

Within this calendar you will find 1 dragon-themed cover illustration, followed by 28 more dragon-themed page illustrations, created by Czech and Slovakian authors. We carefully chose the best of the competing artworks to be part of the calendar. Some examples are presented below along with inside page previews.

About Draci.info community 

Draci.info web page is an enjoyable resource not only for dragons themselves but also for other fantasy creatures, dragon fans and dragon scientists. There you can find dragon articles, reviews on dragon films, books and games and also a gallery full of dragon items (unfortunately, majority of written information is in Czech only). Dragon community members are connected via their interest in dragons, fantasy, mythology and especially art - drawing and writing. 

In case you are interested in dragons as much as we are, do not hesitate and join Draci.info by filling in registration form (we are mostly Czech dragon community but you can help to bring some change!).

Illustrations preview

Maybe you do not want to buy a "dragon in a poke" and would like to see the pictures beforehand. Just click on thumbnails below then. However, we recommend not to spoil the surprise :)


Alexa D.S.

Art specialist


Art specialist


Art specialist


Art and graphics specialist


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Art specialist


Art and graphics specialist


Art specialist


Art specialist

Calendar history

  • February 5 2008

    Our member Karan came with an idea of creating a calendar with dragon pictures. After clarification of rules the organization was taken by Dragarta and we started to choose the pictures for our first calendar from registered sketches. 

  • November 6 2008

    Our first Draci.info calendar 2009 came to life! 12 illustrations from different authors were completed with four-verse poems written by Padrak and the front page of the calendar included picture thumbnails with names of the authors. We have printed 100 pieces of calendar that were available only to Draci.info members. 

  • 2010 calendar

    This year, only finished pictures could register for calendar art selection. We have also decided to have an illustration on the front page. The author of the first front page picture was Fey. For the first time, we have offered the calendar for purchase to public. 

  • 2011 calendar

    Next calendar was completed in Summer so we could offer it at Fantasy Festival where we had our dragon art exhibition. Moreover, the calendar was extended by its 14th page which included info about authors and about Draci.info itself. 

  • 2012 calendar

    The first calendar that contained more digital art than traditional one. This trend has not changed since then. 

  • 2015 calendar

    For the first time, the number of printed calendars has exceeded 200 pieces. Dragarta has introduced a new modern design. Poems were reduced to three verses, calendarium was simplified and the illustrations gained more space within the calendar page. 

  • October 3 2016

    We have launched an e-shop in Czech and English language with worldwide shipping. Here you can find all necessary information, illustrations preview and contacts on authors. We are looking forward for your orders!

  • 2018 calendar

    With this calendar we have celebrated the tenth year of our project and it was the last year which was organized by Dragarta.

  • We are still here!

    Draci.info calendar project continues! The same calendar - new team :)

  • Draci.info 2025