Tenth anniversary!

Draci.info calendar 2018

This wall calendar is of A3 size, professionally printed on 160g/m2 paper including hangable black ring binder. 

In each of our calendars you will find 13 fully colored dragon illustrations drawn directly for this purpose by our talented Czech dragon community artists. Every year we choose carefully the best pieces of art that compete to be part of the calendar. This year's winners are presented below. 

About Draci.info community 

Draci.info web page is an enjoyable resource not only for dragons themselves but also for other fantasy creatures, dragon fans and dragon scientists. There you can find dragon articles, reviews on dragon films, books and games and also a gallery full of dragon items (unfortunately, majority of written information is in Czech only). Dragon community members are connected via their interest in dragons, fantasy, mythology and especially art - drawing and writing. 

In case you are interested in dragons as much as we are, do not hesitate and join Draci.info by filling in registration form (we are mostly Czech dragon community but you can help to bring some change!). Every year we organize several art projects: this year it is for the tenth time that we have created a calendar full of dragon illustrations and poems.

Illustrations preview

Maybe you do not want to buy a "dragon in a poke" and would like to see the pictures beforehand. Just click on thumbnails below then. However, we recommend not to spoil the surprise :)



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Organizer, graphic designer and illustrator until year 2018


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Art specialist

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